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Accurate Title & Boundary Surveys

Whether you're purchasing a home or need to establish property boundaries, Leo A Kalieta & Co can help. Our company in Matawan, New Jersey, offers all types of precise surveys, including title and boundary surveys, for clients throughout the area.
Father and Son at Home - Boundary Surveys

Surveys for Homebuyers

In short, title surveys are required for real estate transactions for the insuring agency. Most often, these surveys include improvements and easements, such as private work and fences.

Establishing Boundaries

Knowing your property boundaries is important to homeowners and business owners alike. Leo A Kalieta & Co offers boundary services for small properties, as well as large properties like farms.

Additional Surveys:

  • Commercial - Used for New Building Construction such as Strip Malls
  • Foot Elevation - Used to Determine Flood Zones for Insurance Purposes
  • New Construction - Available for Individuals Who Are Building Homes
  • Submission Survey - Required for Town Building Permits
Contact us before making a real estate transaction or to determine property boundaries with our title and boundary surveys.